Mission,Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Guided through Christ, our school community encourages and celebrates individuality by providing quality instruction and creating a caring and inclusive environment.


  • We value the development of attitudes and behavior that enable our students to become global citizens
  • We value a caring and collaborative environment that strives for the individual success of student
  • We value a community that works together to celebrate each individual success


Every child is a promise – a gift from God.  We will be a community of learners and leaders united in our goal to enrich the lives of all our children.

Belief Statement

St. Martha School has the belief that school is about much more than academic achievement and “making the grade”.  Attending school at St. Martha is about relationships and a feeling of belonging.  In fact, the terms “schooling” and “teaching” are understood to be the process of both academic achievement and guiding students in personal development and interpersonal relationships.  Further, staff members at St. Martha believe that with the right encouragement, students perform better not only in school, but also in life.

Therefore, St. Martha School is committed to shaping students who are competent, resilient, who have a real sense of purpose, and who know that adults are genuinely interested in them as individuals and care about what is going on in their lives.



Get In Touch

St. Martha School
102 Parsons Creek Dr
Fort McMurray, AB
T9K 0B3
Phone: 780-799-5704
Fax: 780-799-5705
School Secretary:

Principal: James Park

Vice-Principal: Jana Slaney

CST: Anna Severin

CST: Megan Barnes

Counsellor: Erin Martens-Walsh

Indigenous Liaison: Alyssa Grant