Eagle Buck Program

EAGLE BUCKS are used as an incentive plan to keep all of our students engaged and responsible about their learning.  Incentive programs promote positive behavior and are a reward that can be earned only by our Eagles.


1. How can my child earn an Eagle Buck?
    1. Arrive on time (attendance).
    2. Be prepared for class, complete all assignments and homework.
    3. Display respectful and appropriate behaviour in school and on the playground.

2. My child was absent (sickness or out of town) Can they still have their Eagle Buck?

No, sorry, attendance is crucial to learning which is essential to earning an Eagle Buck. (Special circumstances will be evaluated on a case by case basis).

3. My child was late.  It’s my fault.  Can they still have their Eagle Buck?  You are disciplining me and my child.  

No, in order to be fair and consistent to all our Eagles, we stick to the three rules; be on time…. a late slip means no Eagle Buck, (try harder next week!)

4. My child has received all his Eagle Bucks, shouldn’t he be able to attend all Eagle Buck activities?  

Not necessarily. Each Eagle Buck event costs a different amount of Eagle Bucks. Even if your child receives an Eagle Buck each week, they may not have enough for a larger event. Please review the tentative list of events with your child and have them choose their favourite activities and help them understand that they may not be able to attend all activities this year. (Balance a BUDGET)

5. What do the kids who do not participate in the Eagle Bucks activities do at school when they don’t go to the activity because they do not have enough Eagle Bucks?

If your child is not at an Eagle Buck Event, they are expected to participate in regular classroom activities and/or  participate in a review of previously taught concepts.  It is business as usual around our school.

6. Why did you let my child spend their Eagle Bucks on that item/event?

We offer choices to our children, while explaining the consequences of short term and long term decision making.  We believe that, with your guidance as a parent, the children should be allowed to make choices and learn from those (For example, they may be disappointed that they spent their Eagle Bucks on a book and now do not have enough Eagle Bucks to go swimming. What can we learn from this? We need to save and spend wisely)

7. As a parent, how can I support the Eagle Buck Program?

~ Please review the requirements needed to achieve an Eagle Buck with your child (question #1). Help your child to become independent in their ability to achieve an Eagle Buck.

~Review the tentative list of Eagle Buck Events. Help your child decide which events are most important to them and budget their Eagle Bucks for those events.

~Support Eagle Buck Fundraising Events

~Volunteer! Eagle Buck events are FUN and need parents to help make them successful!

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